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  • David Harris
    Dealer Principal

    David is the Dealer Principal for Welford Harris Ford. He has been at Welford Harris for 32 years! Prior to pursuing his passion as a car dealer, he worked for Wachovia Bank.  David grew up on a farm in Bear Creek and has been local to the area his enitre life. David serves on the board of the Siler City Rotary Club and loves hosting community events at Welford Harris Ford.  David is a UNC Chapel Hill graduate although he was raised a Dook fan. David's pride and
    joy, right behind his three wonderful children and amazing wife Valerie would be his car. David drives a 1996 Ford Escort named "White Lightning" it's named accordingly since this inline 4 cylinder boasts 88 hp and 108 ft.-lbs of torque. David is an avid water skier and basketball player. David won first place in the senior games water-skiing event ... although truth be told he was the only one who entered.   He is remembered at Chatham Central High School for the creation of his world renowned euro-scramble step. He applies this to his Sunday basketball game at a local gym in Siler City.  He is the only individual to ever complete the step
    without traveling. However, it's either his ball, or his court, so we won't call it.

  • Zan Evans
    Sales Consultant/Finance

    Zan has been with Welford Harris Ford for the last 4 years. He has been in the car business for the last eight years. He is master-certified as a Ford sales consultant and certified in Financial Services Management, currently working towards the master certification. He prides himself on his knowledge of trucks and truck accessories. He is a firm believer in Ford as a family and a brand. He drives a 1995 F-150 with over 300,000 miles and he will be the first to tell you he wouldn't hesitate to drive to California. Zan is a Siler City resident and actively involved in the community, serving on boards and sub-committee's in his spare time.

    Some things you may not know about Zan:

    -So efficient he can cook 30 minute brownies in 20 minutes.

    -Self proclaimed pickleball expert.

    -Studies in the mastery of table tennis

    -Certified Cowboy (not by job description rather attitude and morals)

    - Chatham Chili Challenge chili cook-off Champion (be here October 5th to try and claim the trophy)

    -Enjoys stick and disc golf

    -Has been caller number 9 on three separate occasions

    -Has been known to fix a McDonald's ice cream machine on his lunch break.

    After reading all of this you may think you are going to meet the most interesting man in the world although if you were to meet him he would tell you, he doesn't know much but what he does know he knows just as well as the next guy.

  • Lynn Gaines
    Finance Manager

    Lynn enjoys spending time with his family especially his granddaughters. He has lots of hobbies including golf (real and miniature), walking or running (doctors orders) and working in the yard (wifes orders).  His secret hobby is line dancing. So wobble, shuffle or slide over to Welford Harris Ford and Lynn promises he'll treat you right.  

  • Mike Muse
    Sales Consultant

    Mike is from originally from Carthage, NC. He has been in the car business 15 years. He is a valued member of the Welford Harris Ford team. Mike is a used car enthusiast.  If you have an older vehicle
    with what you consider to be a lot of miles come see Mike, he loves to put top dollar in all of his trades!
    Mike has a wonderful family life and is currently training his 5 year old grandson to be the greatest car man to ever live. You may catch the little guy here greeting customers and telling them of all the benefits
    of driving a Ford! Mike enjoys golfing and fishing in his free time, in fact he once taught the legendary Bill Dance how to properly pull a beetle spin leading to Bill's vast success in the fishing industry. Zebco
    approached Mike to sponsor him in his fresh water fishing adventures however his love for making customers happy exceeded his love for fishing.
    Some things you may not know about Mike:
    -Mike enjoys Natural Light, his house is full of windows

  • Ben Needham
    Sales Manager

    Ben Needham is a Randolph county native residing in Asheboro. He has been in the car business for 18 years -- all with Ford.  Ben is Master certified as a Sales Manager, Master certified in Financial Services and holds many excellence awards through Ford Motor Company. Ben has a 5 year old son named Ryan who can't wait to grow up and follow in his dads footsteps.  Ben shares the love of all things DC, Marvel, and Star Wars with his son. Ben spends
    his free time with his son whether they are building Lego's, or working on their record collection. Ben used to be in the funeral business and was always the last one to let you down. This still rings true today!
    He will be the first one to help with an issue and the last one to let you down!
    Things you may not know about Ben:
    -He currently holds the record for longest held breath while submerged in spaghetti sauce
    -He has never claimed to be batman although no one has ever seen them both in the same room

  • Jeremy Newby

    Jeremy Newby has lived in Chatham County his entire life.  He has a bright smile and energetic presence that makes buying a car a blast !  He is an avid Tarheel fan and loves to play basketball particularly when he beats his coworkers on the court. He is a HUGE Tarheel fan.  He loves to sing, dance and have fun at work or at home.  He wants to make your next car purchase an exciting one.  Ohh, he's a preacher as well !

  • Tony Hackney
    Parts Manager

  • valerie harris
    Parts and Service Director

    Fax: 919-742-5817